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Farmers commercial guy

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I want to find like. I'm seeking for a someone I want to help, and who wants to help me.

Name: Vonnie
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And so it was when I saw the Farmers Insurance commercials over and over and. That guy who plays the "Professor" sure looks familiar.

But farmers commercial guy is that dude? He was the guy in the Spider Man movies! I mean, the Spider Man movies that Toby Maguire starred in for you younger folks, that would be the old ones.

Yep, he was Peter Parker's boss at the newspaper, a big supporting role. Mystery solved!

And farmers commercial guy I find out this guy has had tons of roles and in fact was nominated for an Oscar in for his role in a movie called Whiplash. His name is J. Geez, this guy has been all over my TV!

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Well, I was able to untangle the "web" of mystery. Filed Under: Farmers InsuranceJ. ArticlesEntertainment. Back To Top.