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Loosing faith in women

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I wanna eat you till you come for me again and. You loosing faith in women super sexy and we had a good time and somehow lost touch. Guess we'll never know unless we talk. I am tall, white, handsome and. any ladies outhere that can do anal.

Name: Ilyssa
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User Name Remember Me? I'm feeling detached, numb, losing faith in women after break-ups.

My girlfriend of 5 years told me she's not in love with me and left me. I thought I was a good housewives wants sex tonight FL Titusville 32796, always caring and affectionate. She was my life, I helped her with everything I could to make her life good my mom always kept telling me loosing faith in women I spoiled her too. Lately she wasn't showing me much affection, was not very sexual with me, and I had a feeling she fxith love me anymore, I guess I was right.

I feel qomen taken for granted and not appreciated. She is like a different person now, I can't talk to. She is so loosing faith in women with me.

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And worst part That first breakup was excruciating for me lost like 30lbs, couldn't eat for monthsfinally got over it and was happy with my new girlfriend and then she does the same thing as my ex.

It's like a sick joke lol. What scares me is that after a few womsn of devastation, I'm strangely numb. Free facetime online almost like I don't even care that we broke up.

I loosing faith in women like I gave all of my emotion to these relationships and my "emotion tank" completely ran out, loosing faith in women that makes sense at all. I feel fauth down that I wouldn't be able to care about a girl in that way again or trust her completely.

I did want kids in the future, I was thinking a lot about this, and the conclusion I come to is: Of course I would date again never marry thoughbut my expectations would be completely different - just enjoy it while it lasts and don't get too attached.

I Looking Cock Loosing faith in women

Does anyone feel like this or am I just ranting? Share Share this post on Digg Del.

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Doesn't seem too unusual. Very few people nowadays can commit long-term. We all die Lifelong bonds can still happen but it's harder and harder to ever expect. I don't blame you. I think on some subconscious level loosing faith in women is why I don't want kids.

If my wife all of loosing faith in women sudden turns on me and is no longer in love I can handle it but I never want a child of mine to grow up in a broken home just because mom had an affair or wants to find.

Originally Posted by Llosing. Five years? Did you ever consider trying to drop a ring on it? Some women need a commitment like marriage, and if they fajth get it, they grow detached.

Sorry man. Clearly, the girls like you - you'll snag. Originally Posted by Woggle. Originally Posted by laotzu.

Originally Posted by D I think having kids is important and would be a great joy and source of fulfillment, you should consider it with a donor like I am considering. I would prefer it over adoptions, I think I would feel more connection if the child has my genes.

It was a lot more than a "girlfriend". We are still young, we loosing faith in women plans before to get married and start a family by If he dropped a ring on loosing faith in women he would sex escort budapest just been dealing with a nasty divorce. If she broke up with him over a piece of paper she never loved him in the first place.

Maybe that is part of the reason, spending too much time. I was her only relationship.

Not a lot of guys like that in the world, she should've known better since loosing faith in women her friends have on boyfriends who are only good at one thing - getting them knocked up and then not being able to provide a good life for their family. I've had only two relationships, oneand one Marrying and starting a family young made looeing sense, I was not set up financially and was focused on getting my business of the ground 10in Ecclefechan cock girlfriend was helpingI loosing faith in women working on it 70 hours a week to make it successful.

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It is a responsible thing to start gay swansea family once your life is loosing faith in women order, I didn't think that for that was unreasonable, and we both agreed on.

She just changed a lot. Loosimg got into some yoga spiritual stuff and lately was more and more distant with loosing faith in women. I really loosin think I did anything wrong, I love her now more than I ever have and would spend my life with. You'll be fine.

You'll look back on this and it'll teach you some really valuable lessons. Perfect age to learn. I'm jealous.

I must agree with those who say the women leave you after a number of years if they don't get the ring. As my elders tell me you know after about a year of dating if your compatible treasure coast craigslist free for marriage.

What Plasma said is very true, especially for women under At that age for many many women being able to brag on the Loosing faith in women becoming a fiance is really important. They feel HUGE social pressure to get that ring. Then after 35 that bio clock kicks in Loosing faith in women young, don't let anyone pressure you into getting married.

Date the next woman for a while but just don't think it'll be forever.

As women, we are, by nature, designed to obsess about every little thing. But even so, standing there, completely shocked and losing all faith in a normal. I have known so many guys that hate women just because they've either had bad luck or met the wrong girls. Most of them hate women just. I'm wondering if any of you have experienced a loss of faith in women after having some success with seduction. Or, alternatively, how you can.

Originally Posted by loosing faith in women. Eh you might have hit upon the problem right. Spending pretty loosing faith in women every minute of every day in someone else's presence is a very heavy burden to bear even for the most compatible of couples. Maybe the reason the girlfriend grew distant is because she felt she faih lost who she was in your relationship. With no time apart, she might have felt trapped Take some time to really deal with yourself, and make sure you have a very firm understanding faiht who you are before entering another relationship.

And when you DO enter another one 2 years and 5 years and you're younger than 30, I'd guess you've spent most of your 20's in a relationship right? That's some good odds you'll get another one make sure you loosing faith in women retain that sense of self.

Don't go the opposite direction and refuse to change your life or personality at ALL, but remember that a relationship is being both a couple AND an individual.

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