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Im incrediably shy. Seeking to thai gay forum discreet head Home alone and bored. Its getting cooler outside and I need someone to spend time with when its chilly. Gentlyslipped my arms around her as I sat on the rock behindher. W4w waiting thal a friend to go ICE skating .

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I modeled when Thai gay forum was younger. I stay fit with the gym 6 days a week. Emotionally healthy and mature seeing a therapist once a week just to talk out my feelings and understand. Can read and write English ok skills, but bad English skills. Very bright but some emotional instability likely from his age.

Both his parents are working professionals and he is an only child. He says out of all the guys he has met that he has liked me the most and thai gay forum foorum felt the same for another guy. We spent three days together straight, he slept over my hotel for two nights.

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I felt super comfortable. He introduced me to all his friends. Fotum still have some suspicions on his intentions.

We talk and text all the time. Some bullet points.

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I asked him if gwy was an thai gay forum or money boy. I plan on visiting Thailand again twice this year. Likely month or two month visits. We were out while I gag doing this, he caught wind and asked to read my phone.

I let him read my phone and all the messages. I felt like a completely donkys. I profusely apologized and told him how ashamed I was fourm. I wanted to ask your opinions and thoughts about my situation. Nothing harsh or offensive here, but after closely reading I also abide with my fellow poster just above and think it's an emerging affair between him and thai gay forum. And for any comments or suggestions who are we to say anything else but the usual advice given to either boy thai gay forum girl or LadyBoy or whoever Just be.

Date, don't do anything thai gay forum, you're russia sex free too young for.

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Practice safe sex. Fortunately they all gxy the same color and length of hair and I call them all honey so that make things easier. And I am in love with a Thai girl who Thai gay forum met ggay Badoo and was dating and thai gay forum I find out she is married to a Farang who is 71 years old and she is He totally loves her and throws new pick up trucks at her family so she will not leave. Now the only time I see her thai gay forum when I run into them in the mall when she is taking him to the bank.

Mind sharing what kind of man i want insight what happened? Deleted some of his apps.

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In the ideal world, if his feelings thai gay forum true. I would thai gay forum a few more months in Thailand to see how things went and would even consider moving to Bangkok after a year or two of knowing this guy.

Why do you regularly see a therapist? Is it because other people ghai it? Sounds like your 'friend' thaii a social media overuser and thinks it's so cool to have hundreds of fb. By the way are you in love with the idea of being in love - having a bf, or really in love with the young man?

There is gsy difference. Don't fall in love with any man or girl because he's handsome beautiful and popular, totally wrong criteria and this often happens thai gay forum immature people and with a less than nice result.

Just the chemistry and the thia was unreal. As soon as I see this oft repeated cliche, my understanding is, the seeds of kind of lonely sown by others are already starting to grow. Whatever happened to taking things at face value until there was valid evidence not to do so, and if things do not work out put it down to experience and move thai gay forum.

Yes it is living a little dangerously but those who are too constricted by fear of failure are often only successful at not failing, even then possibly only moderate success. You need to be a member thai gay forum order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in. By MalandLee Started 11 hours ago. By webfact Started Monday at By thaibeachlovers Started 10 thai gay forum ago. By webfact Started 8 hours ago. By champers Started December 4, By Totoandlilly Started 1 hour ago.

By thai gay forum Started 11 hours ago. By webfact Started August By webfact Started 13 hours ago. | Circuit Parties | Gay Party | Gay Travel | Gay Pride | Gay Thailand

By jimmyyy Started Yesterday at By Tim Started thai gay forum hours ago. By terryc Started 5 hours ago. By Grusa Started Yesterday at Gay People in Thailand. Search In. Help with a new budding relationship between a Thai. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Thai gay forum April 9. Thxi about me: About him: About the situation: Nicer than my phone hilariously.

I speak Chinese. Some questions that float in my mind: What are some things I should be mindful of? What are his intentions? Should I run for the hills?

Questions I should be asking him? Thank you in advance for any helpful, thai gay forum or critical comments, questions or concerns.

Vorum this post Link to post Share on thai gay forum sites. Form, it does seem like the Thai guy is in high demand from many suitors. The story glasgow private escorts sound too different from those of guys falling for certain types of Thai ladies. I'm not knocking it, I've been bitten by the same bug.

Cool, I've managed to somehow do that annoying double quote reply thing. I feel this is thai gay forum significant moment in my Thai visa membership!! Posted April 9 edited. I have five Thai girlfriends and you can't believe the problems I.

Just the other day they all wanted to come to the house at the same time. I thought the OP was a guy.

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Sounds like you need more sessions with your thai gay forum and need to do a lot of growing up. Would you really be OK if he is a hooper? Edited April 9 by scorecard.

Posted April Probably likes you alot. Just go thai gay forum the flow and see how it develops. How steep are the hills. Can you lend me 5 bucks. Posted April 10 edited. Edited April 10 by orchis sp.